Increased Blended Learning in Education Technology

Technology in education, though slowly, is making its way inside. The educational institutions are at the forefront of the technical revolution that the educational sector is experiencing currently. Technology in education is no more just about computer labs or media rooms, instead, laptops, tablets, Smartboards, and even cellphones are incorporated into everyday learning tasks.


More and more educators are incorporating edtech into their lessons as virtual reality continues to develop. VR has moved beyond virtual field trips toward the augmentation of history, science, and literacy lessons. The time is not far when the students will be using virtual reality to test different scenarios for their engineering projects or experience the setting of a story they’ve read.

Online learning is another area that is seeing potential growth. Just as many undergraduate courses offer online degrees in new and specialized disciplines, the K–12 community is seeing an increase in online classes, too. Students can now access educators and curricula over the internet that may not be available at area schools, allowing them to experience personalized classes taught by experts in a diverse range of subjects. Moreover, schools are expanding their curricula beyond the subjects available in physical classrooms by incorporating online classes for specialized subjects.

As education technology continues to grow and develop, students and educators alike are sure to reap the benefits as long as effective pedagogy remains at the centre of education.

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