Mind Mapping and Big Data

It is crucial for the educational organizations to keep up with new technology trends in today’s mobile-centric world. It can have a major impact on their continued ability to offer the students the education they want and need. Many schools are continuing to increase investments in technology related to learning in order to modernize their campuses for today’s digital-native students. Here’s looking at mind mapping and big data, the recent advancements in the area of education technology.


Making learning interactive and multi-dimensional as opposed to unidirectional and passive, Mind Mapping is graphic, visual, and uses circled ideas that are linked together with lines in the same way the human mind works. This makes it easier for students to understand and recall information. You can engage with your students and allow them to bounce ideas off each other by using software like Mindmeister or Brainstormer. The maps can also be easily shared just like an email.

One of the most important education technology trends is Big-Data which has the remarkable flexibility and precision to change how we teach and learn. All of the mobile devices, applications and wireless technologies we use on a day to day basis can now be linked together and harnessed to deliver an almost endless supply of relevant data. Big data gives you real-time information that can be applied to your classroom immediately. It also can help your students by allowing you to focus on the areas they actually need help with. In the connected and mobile age, we live in data has become the low-hanging fruit all education leaders should be leveraging to get the most out of new classroom technology.

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