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DSIM’s Master Course Makes You Skilled, Knowledgeable and an Expert in Handling Digital Marketing Tasks

Believes, Kunal Choudhary, Founder & Corporate Trainer, Delhi School of Internet Marketing in an interaction with Ekta Srivastava, Education Technology

Please tell us something about Delhi School of Internet Marketing (DSIM), its concept and uniqueness

DSIM (Delhi School of Internet Marketing) is India 1st & premium digital marketing training institute for professionals, entrepreneurs and job-seekers.

Today, skills & knowledge matters, degrees don’t. And, DSIM follows this universal approach, offering in-class & live online digital training.

We are here to help aspirants become certified digital professionals; for beginners how to get started and to new marketers how to master the channels. This is the concept and uniqueness lies in how we modify our curriculum to absorb changing digital marketing trends.

DSIM currently offers Masters in Digital Marketing- the only training program in India which is a combination of 4 courses in one and lets you learn 36 digital modules.

How do you see the growth of Digital Marketing Industry & what is the future of Digital Marketing in India?

Digital Marketing is rich in results and convenient to use. This has made companies to go digital. Now, it’s an online world and Digital Marketing Industry is a booming career today.

We’re seeing Digital India. The future is way beyond the traditional marketing or outbound marketing techniques being used. It is and would be must for Indian businesses to have a much-coordinated internet marketing strategy or else they may miss the mark and turn directionless. And, this exigency will bring more & more job opportunities to professionals in the industry.

What role Digital Marketing will play in future education and training of new professionals?

Observing the marketing business and career necessities, Digital marketing is becoming important for the education sector.  It will become the mainstream subject and directive skills to have on. DSIM is already on the path as you can see, offering an advanced program with specialized certification.

While training of new professionals, digital will help them know how to scope out new and creative ways to include all of the promising advances and openings into their marketing strategies.

In your opinion, how should industry work with education organizations to ensure that the training provided ensures competency?

Buyers being empowered by digital presence have created an obligation for organizations to accept and adapt to this digital growth. Today, skilled digital professionals are obligatory assets to companies and industry need to trounce the barrier that claims a lack of training in new skills to ensure progressing hierarchical achievement.

Industry players and names within the learning ecosystem should work together to viability and productivity of learning and maximize value to the learner. Industry bodies can help education providers to add digital learning products to their portfolios or have significant online learning components. This will work for both- for education providers who find it difficult to assess individual technologies and industry players who cannot afford to invest in every single worker.

The purpose would be to let the entire organization get benefitted out of the collaboration.

How do you think specialized certifications will add value for the high skilled workforce? 

We confidently believe that it is only skills and not degree that can help you grow. Yet, when you get certified along with skills, your job hunting ends easily.  A specialized certification strengthens your skills & abilities and lets you have that, “Extra Edge” in your niche.

Let’s talk about DSIM here. DSIM’s Masters in Digital Marketing (MDM) training program lets you learn by doing. It’s tailored as it combines Digital Marketing Course, Advanced Optimization Strategies, How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing & Blogging, and Black Hat Techniques; all 4 courses in one. The course makes you skilled, knowledgeable, and qualified and an expert in handling digital marketing tasks.

Who all will be benefitted with such type of training programs? 

DSIM’s course benefits can’t be limited within a particular group of people. It’s structured in a way that beginners, professionals, entrepreneurs, all can go for. Amid our successful trainees, we have individuals from widespread education backgrounds & industries.

What is the next program you are planning to launch in India?

All things considered, we mean to enhance and there would dependably be an initiate to bring something out of the box. This time we have presented “Masters,” next would bring what students & industry will look for. The exertion is to stay aware of the industry and workforce requirements.

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