Technology Trends in Digital Citizenship Education

Digital citizenship is getting redefined. How? By trying to curtail student activities toward helping them leverage the power of digital media to work toward creation, social justice and equity and moving the focus away from warning students about online risks or. The new digital citizenship is about being in community with others and creating digital citizenship. This will create a curriculum that will show opportunities over risks, student possibilities over problems, and community successes over personal gain. Let’s take a look at some of the technology trends affecting digital citizenship education.


Big Data

It’s important to know your school’s big data policy now before that data spread. We’re collecting so much information that it’s going to lead to personalized learning plans for each but there’s no telling where the data will end up.


Augmented Reality comes into play when there is a need to foster awareness of how the world looks at students and also how they see themselves. We’re already constantly straddling the physical world and the digital world and students today need to develop and manage their identity twofold.

Semantic Web

The semantic web provides a secondary meta search when you type something into Google. Massive open online courses (MOOCs) and artificial intelligence are the next big things in education. An example of the questions educators face is will they use AI to correct student homework?

Extreme BYOD

When schools could no longer afford to buy all the latest, constantly changing tech for students, the BYOD movement gained massive momentum.

Transmedia Storytelling

Students become significantly more engaged when we provide a narrative arc to lessons. Today storytelling spans mediums and formats and uses various digital technologies, and that applies to student work too. We’ve gone from words on a page to the media collage of video, augmented reality, virtual reality, QR codes, and so much more.

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