Studying abroad- Dream of every Student

Connecting Indian and overseas partner universities and colleges with stakeholders in the Indian educational scenario, International Centre for Advancement of Education (ICAE) is linking International Universities with school and students across the globe.

With eight years of experience in the field of education, ICAE has carved a niche in student recruitment tours/fairs across the globe as well as in organizing meaningful educational conferences for school counselors across India.

Mohd Nazir and Farhan Khan, ICAE in conversation with Ekta Srivastava talks about the  pro and cons of Studying in foreign land.


What services does ICAE offer?

 Keeping today’s scenario in mind we try to make best possible efforts to get connected with the all the stakeholders in mind and try to experiment new ways to create more interaction between the all the stake holders. We organise educational conferences, Fairs, Educational tours

Are there specific countries which, although popular with expats, are particularly challenging for their children’s educational needs?

UK and US these are the countries which are popular among the expats. Mostly all the students try to make it for these countries

What kind of skills other than academic do universities abroad expect from an applicant?

 Apart from Academics, student should also focus on extra- curricular activities like sports, elocution, debates, dramatics, team leader activities etc.

Does a student have an edge in the job sector in India if he gets a degree from a foreign university?

 It is one of the crucial factors among the job seeker and the recruiters. In India many companies have a list of the collages, if the student have degree from those collages then student have brighter chances. They do give preference to students who have studied abroad and have good communication skills .Student studied from US and UK and brighter chance of getting jobs in India rather than student studied from Germany, Netherlands and Australia. Other then this many companies recruit Indian students who have studied abroad

Is it possible to work while studying? How feasible is that?

Many countries have different criteria for a students who need to spend fixed hours in the campus where as many universities have no such restrictions. So it is feasible for a student to do part time jobs to meet his or her expenses and needs.

Is it true that foreign universities provide more flexibility than their Indian counterparts or they are overhyped?

Foreign Universities allow students to tray several courses before opting for final major subject. Students can sample several courses before actually choosing one and in most cases students are allowed to major in up to three different degrees at the same time.

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