How Big Data is Transforming Education Sector – Part 2

Big data has numerous benefits to offer to the education sector, both students and educational institutions. It has the power to revolutionalize the way education is managed in a significant way. Let’s take a look how big data can make it happen.

Reduce Dropouts


Since big data can help improve student results, it can hence eventually reduce dropout rates at schools and colleges. To gain insights on future student outcomes, educational institutions can use predictive analytics on all the data that is collected, also helping run scenario analysis on a course program before it is introduced into the curriculum, thus minimizing the need for trial-and-error. Big data can also monitor the student performance in the job market after graduating from college, helping the future students in choosing the right college and course.

Targeted International Recruiting

Educational institutions can more accurately predict applicants and also analyze the possible factors that affect the application process with the help of big data. It will not only allow institutions to adjust their recruitment strategies and allocate funds accordingly but also help students analyze information about schools around the world, speeding up the search and application process for international students too.

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