How Big Data is Transforming Education Sector – Part 1

Big data has numerous benefits to offer to the education sector, both students and educational institutions. It has the power to revolutionalize the way education is managed in a significant way. Let’s take a look how big data can make it happen.


Improve Student Result

Improving student results is the overall idea of leveraging big data within the educational system. The only measurement of the performance of students at present is the answers to assignments and exams and we all know that during his or her life, each student generates a unique data trail. Analyzing this data trail in real-time will help to create an optimal learning environment for the students by helping the educators gain a better understanding of the individual behaviour of students. It is possible to monitor student actions with the help of big data in the education sector. This includes patterns like how long they take to answer a question, which sources they use for exam preparation, which questions do they skip, etc, giving each student instant feedback.

Customize Programs

Big data can help to create customized programs for each individual student. Customized programs can be created for each and every student even if colleges and universities have lakhs of students. Blended learning can make this possible, which is a combination of online and offline learning. While it still provides the possibility for offline guidance by professors, it also gives students the opportunity to follow classes that they are interested in and also work at their own pace. MOOCs are already making it happen, the recent example being the Machine Learning class at Stanford University. It registered an attendance of 100,000 students when delivered as a MOOC as opposed to a mere number of 700 when delivered by a professor.

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