EducationTechnology Can Help Fight Bullying – Here’s How

Bullying is a child’s worst nightmare. Be it school or college, the malpractice is rampant everywhere despite rigorous surveillance and steps taken by the organizations. New technologies can help fight this phenomenon that afflicts many young people all over the world. Let’s take a look how.


Educate and Monitor, Don’t Block

Blocking non-education websites, especially social media can minimise cyberbullying but it doesn’t encourage pupils to become responsible netizens. Rather, teachers should educate pupils on the importance of appropriate online behaviour, and how to be upstanding online citizens.

Edtech Software for Online Safety

We need new methods of online safety to protect pupil’s digital footprints. Edtech software to help schools stop bullying ahead of time can help the case. For example, software like NetSupport can track, monitor, and manage all school devices and equipment.

Encourage Communication

Take a transparent approach to monitor a child’s online behaviour. While Bosco provides insights on a device by device level, with input from the pupil, Tootoot provides a secure and anonymous method for pupils to communicate about and report different forms of bullying.

The Potential of AI

Though in its early stage of development, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can protect pupils from online damages. It can process learnings beyond obvious triggers and determine seemingly innocuous messages to identify genuine harassment.

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