The Hottest Edtech Tools – Part 7

Let’s take a look at some of the amazing, tried and tested tools that the education professionals absolutely love all around the world and cannot live without.


TinyTap – Created by the teachers, TinyTap is a marketplace of interactive educational games which empowers students to learn through play. It consists of curated courses and measurable lessons that help you master the courses while playing them on your mobile device or computer. The platform can also be used by special needs teachers and caretakers to come up with new ways to help those in need and personalize activities to fit each person individually.

EdPuzzle –To have more engaging video-lessons, Edpuzzle allows teachers to easily customize a video by adding questions and audio throughout the video. Edpuzzle allows you to add natural stopping points throughout the video to prevent the viewers from dozing off in between. Teachers can also make self-pace learning videos by adding their own voice recording on top of the existing video.

UpGrad – Upgrad provides working professionals and individuals high quality industry-relevant online programs in upcoming technological areas, which have high demand and increasing job opportunities. It includes areas like Product and Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Digital (including areas in Marketing), and Data Analytics. In the very first year, its India learning Program has become the single largest online program in India.

Ardusat –Making learning exciting, Ardusat helps kids to teaches kids hands-on science, explore coding, use real-data to enhance STEM curriculum and more. Students use Ardusat to build, code, and show off what they’re learning in each experiment they do through the platform. The experiments are less time consuming, giving the students plenty of building experience.

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