The Hottest Edtech Tools – Part 3

Let’s take a look at some of the amazing, tried and tested tools that the education professionals absolutely love all around the world and cannot live without.


ThingLink – ThingLink is not just an interactive annotation application, it can be used to edit, annotate and teach with images and videos in real-time and also supports 360-degree video and VR/AR content. Allowing over 70 different tags to be used within content, such as links, videos, maps, images, social media, its intuitive interface allows users to create interactive content in just three steps. It’s easy to distribute the content to your students wherever they are and whatever device they’re using using an embeddable sharing link.

Book Creator – A simple app for making ebooks on the iPad, Book Creator’s mission is to empower the next generation of content creators and improve their educational outcomes. It helps to develop interactive and evolving teaching resources that can easily be shared with or collaborated on by students and is also a great tool for students to explore their creative side and produce a tangible piece of content through their learning.

Wakelet – A content curation platform, Wakelet allows you to quickly organize and share handpicked content with your students, set digital assignments, and create stunning portfolios. Its ability to let you display any online content in a way that really encourages digital storytelling is its main strength. It has also been the only alternative after Storify’s demise. Big names like Harvard, Cambridge University and many other academic institutions have switched to Wakelet to keep curating.

Keep watching this space for more such interesting edtech tools.

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