The Hottest Edtech Tools – Part 2

Let’s take a look at some of the amazing, tried and tested tools that the education professionals absolutely love all around the world and cannot live without.


AdmitHub – AdmitHub provides an easily accessible source of expert advice about US college applications in the form of a friendly online chatbot, hence focusing on a different area of edtech. Free, expert guidance along the path from highschool, to and through college is the mission of AdmitHub. AdmitHub’s chatbot Oli, mixes artificial intelligence with human guidance coaches from individual schools through SMS text and integration with Facebook Messenger.

Remind – A classroom messaging app, Remind helps teachers, students, and parents communicate quickly and efficiently. It is used by more than 20 million people in 90% of school districts in the United States. While the organizations are embracing technology, there are too many channels for communication – Whatsapp, Messenger, email, SMS etc. Remind removes the tedious process of remembering which message came from which person on which platform.

Go Noodle – Gamifying movement and exercise, Go Noodle gets kids out of their seats, allowing them to be energetic, playful and active with a touch of silliness mixed in just for good measure. Hundreds of pre-recorded, custom-created videos help to kids to get going.

Matific – An award-winning primary maths resource, Matific uses common objects in ordinary settings that children can connect to for a deep understanding of maths. It is designed to support each other to allow children to master core maths concepts, encourage children to experiment and play to foster understanding, and provides engagement across all year groups. Matific is aligned to the UK Primary Maths curriculum and popular textbooks.

Keep watching this space for more such interesting edtech tools.

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