The Hottest Edtech Tools – Part 1

Let’s take a look at some of the amazing, tried and tested tools that the education professionals absolutely love all around the world and cannot live without.


Nearpod – It is difficult to create engaging lessons that fully capture the attention of all of your students as a teacher and even harder is creating lessons that encourage learning through interactivity and action. Nearpod can solve the problem. Providing a host of pre-made, fully-interactive lessons developed by subject matter experts for all school levels and subjects, it allows teachers to import lessons from any file type and begin adding interactive elements, web-links or video snippets to them. What puts it on the top spot is that its users have access to Nearpod 3D, providing fully rotatable 3D images to use for teaching, and Nearpod VR, allowing integration with Smartphone VR headsets like Google Cardboard to create virtual field trips for students.

Kahoot – A game-based learning platform, Kahoot is one of the world’s fastest-growing learning brands with more than 40 million monthly active users in 180 countries. The free game-based platform engages the heart, hand and mind, creating a wildly more social, meaningful and powerful pedagogical experience. It not only attracts educators and students but reaches beyond the classroom to corporate powerhouses, sporting and cultural events, and any social and learning context.

Buncee – A creation and presentation tool, Buncee supports educators as they foster the 4 Cs of learning in students: critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. Students from as young as six and seven years old are using Buncee to create multimedia presentations which demonstrate learning acquisition, critical thinking and creativity, while also communicating stories. It is not only used as a classroom presentation tool for reviewing and introducing content aligned with curriculum standards but also integrated into modes of expressed student learning including alternative book reports, research projects, digital storytelling, project-based learning, passion projects, and genius hour.

Keep watching this space for more such interesting edtech tools.

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