How Technology is Helping Rural Students in Assam

Technology has become entwined with the urban lifestyle. However, the unfortunate thing is that there are still millions of adolescents in rural India who have not seen a computer. A step to bridge this gap is an Integrative approach to Technology in Education (ITE). It is a project that aims at improving teaching and learning processes using information technology in the school curriculum, providing students with an opportunity to create their own learning artefacts. Helping students have a better comprehension of their lessons, the project is being implemented in government schools and madrasas across seven northern and north-eastern states in India.


450 government schools and madrasas are working towards embedding technology into the curriculum with ITE in Assam. Adolescents are able to interact, explore and authenticate learning through technology under this initiative. It also allows the teachers to go beyond the traditional role of giving information and act as facilitators for students to create authentic learning artefacts using technology.

Thanks to the initiative, the students are getting to know of platforms like Microsoft Office Suite. An essential step to bridge the digital divide in rural areas is an interactive class which is open to discussions, and activities that prompt students to think beyond textbooks and learn using technological tools. Students are increasingly using technology for their research work and self-learning. When it is used hand in hand with the curriculum, technology provides students with the much-required learning lift. Students engage in authentic learning activities such as collecting information on civic issues such as cleanliness and garbage bins in their area. What also provide the necessary scaffolding for students to construct learning at their own pace and context is allowing them to do projects in their regional languages with computer and Internet as helping tools.

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