Hottest Topics in EdTech – Part 3

Education Technology, as we know has been spreading its wings far and wide. The educators who embrace the technology to transform teaching and learning place students over the technology as the most compelling topic. Let’s look at some of the hottest edtech topics right now.


Learning Sciences

Scientists today know more than ever before about how the brain functions, thanks to advances in technology and rigorous scientific experimentation. In the hope of optimizing teaching and learning, they’re disseminating that information to educators and education leaders. The learning sciences speak to the heart of education – how to best help humans learn with the help of neuroscience, cognitive psychology, development psychology, sociology and computer science.

Digital Citizenship

Digital citizenship is getting redefine. How? By trying to curtail student activities toward helping them leverage the power of digital media to work toward creation, social justice and equity and moving the focus away from warning students about online risks or. The new digital citizenship is about being in community with others and creating digital citizenship. This will create a curriculum that will show opportunities over risks, student possibilities over problems, and community successes over personal gain.

Student-Centred Learning

Hailed as “the schools of the future”, student-centred learning environment and the student agency that comes with are proving their mettle. Student-driven learning isn’t a lofty ideal but a moral imperative. Next-generation schools that have put students at the centre of their learning are outperforming their contemporaries.

The day is not far when all these examples will turn from hottest topics to the ones that are being used exhaustively in educational institutions.

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