The Top Learning Management Systems – Part 1

Learning Management Systems have entered the education scene in the recent past but they’ve come to play a huge role in many classrooms. As of 2017, the LMS industry was made up of around 400 systems, worth over $3 billion. That’s an overwhelming amount of choice for schools and other educational organizations. Let’s take a look at some of the top learning Management Systems which are the top choices for education.

Online Learning


An open-source LMS available for free under a general public license, Moodle is a flexible platform immensely popular in the education space and can be specially customized by the user. The problem with it being so customizable is that it’s not especially user-friendly. But it provides a huge community of developers and partners that can help with the initial setup and implementation of the platform. Usability becomes Moodle’s best feature once it is set up the way you want it. It helps to organize your course, collaborate with other teachers in the community, and bring together all the different media elements you want to include in each assignment.


Made specifically for educators, Edmodo is much more intuitive for first-time users trying to set it up. The resemblance of its design and features with familiar social media networks ensure that the platform is also easy for students to use. It is the largest K-12 social learning community in the world, offering organization of your course and loading all relevant digital resources into it, grading within the system and collecting analytics that provides insights into how students are learning throughout a course.

Although teachers got by just fine for many years without learning management system, a good LMS makes the planning of courses easier, making both students and teachers benefit from the new features and capabilities the tools bring into the classroom.

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