The benefits of eLearning for disabled students

Education is the building block of a child’s future. However, it becomes more so important if the child is disabled in some way. Education gives them the confidence to create their own identity in the competitive world. Online learning is a great way for educating them as it gives them more time to complete assignments as well as allow them to sit, rest or walk whenever there is a necessity.


Students with learning disabilities can review materials and watch videos lectures as many times as they need. Students who have dyslexia or visual processing disorder can manipulate digital text by changing their font style or size which help them in processing the information effectively, through the IT systems and software.

For students with physical disabilities,the most obvious benefit is that they stay in their comfort zone without rushing to a campus or commuting between classes to classes. For the students who cannot type such as voice-to-text and voice-activated programs, there are integrated technologies available.

For the visually-impaired students, it is easierto access their computer to attend the lecture rather than traveling to the campus.The adaptive technologies like braille keyboards or voice-to-text software and audio recordings are provided for their learning.

Technology also makes life easier for hearing-impaired students. They can view video lectures with subtitles, which they cannot experience in the classroom, through eLearning. Forums and emails can be the easier way of interacting as text is the primary mode of communication for them.

For students with psychiatric disabilities, it gets difficult for them to cope up with the situation and anxiety, hence their known surrounding will help them better to learn through eLearning. Convenience and flexibility are the key factors of eLearning for such students.

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