Genext Students, Facilitating Tutors to Stimulate the Holistic Development of Student Through Highly Personalized Technology-Driven Solutions

Ali Asgar Kagzi, Co-founder and Director of GenextStudents is a post-graduate in Management & Strategy from the prestigious London School of Economics (LSE). GenextStudents is India’s 1st Hybrid Tutoring Platform combining the best of private tutoring with technology enabled learning for CBSE, ICSE & State Boards. This one-of-its-kind platform brings quality home tutors along with proprietary content (online & offline) to the doorstep of needy parents/students using technology as a key driver. In his present role, Ali oversees the strategy, operations, marketing and technology aspects of the company.

This empowers 6000+TUTORPRENEURS (tutor partners) across Mumbai and Pune having facilitated more than 35,000 tutoring sessions. The platform also boasts of 1,250,000 million + users of the digital content across India and the Middle East. Ali’s plan is to have 80,000 TUTORPRENEURS aboard Genext Students providing 10 million tutoring sessions by 2020.

Ali Asgar Kagzi, in an interaction with Ekta Srivastava, Education…

Please tell us about the Genext program and the opportunities it provides for better career.

Driven by the urge to spread education to the masses with the help of technology Genext Students, the unique AI powered home tutoring ecosystem endeavoring to create empowerment through knowledge by connecting parents with the best home tutors for their children. Genext Students creates an entire learning ecosystem for students, parents as well as the tutors, enabling them to connect with each other, learn in the best possible way and grow to their maximum potential. It facilitates the tutors to stimulate the holistic development of the student through highly personalized technology-driven solutions combining personal tutoring, content, tests, and analysis, thereby addressing the pressing need for quality education in the country. This one-of-its-kind platform also empowers educators & tutors to become entrepreneurs, and in turn, leads to the creation of a wave of ‘TUTORPRENEURS’ across the country. We at Genext Students are providing opportunity & needed flexibility to such tutors and at the same time, trying to address the perennial teacher deficit issue, in order to build an employed, educated India.

What do you see as the role technology will play in future education and training of new professionals?

Technology will play a key role in the way we teach our kids as well as the way we train our trainers. Along with providing the obvious advantages like ease of scaling up and across geographies, it will provide a structured, personalized and measured way of learning for better learning. AI helps in designing courses & assessments while VR & AR helps in making leaning interesting, real & fun. Data driven analytics (like fee recommendation, strong & weak topics, etc.) also helps screen & train tutors, provide strategic recommendations which can provide the tutors an excellent competitive advantage.

What impact does simulation and other teaching tools have on the training of new professionals?

Tutors are not very technology savvy. Hence, using enhanced technology tools to train them doesn’t benefit. What is required is to train them to use the technology tools effectively in the first place. For e.g., when we integrated google maps to help tutors understand the distance, location & travel time between them & the query, we first had to orient many tutors on how to use the google maps in the first place. We address such unique industry specific challenges is through workshops and video based tutorials.

Do you have any exciting new program that can positively affect training outcomes please tell us about the program?

We have multiple programs which helps enhance the training outcomes. It starts from the moment a tutor registers on our platform, where they have to go through an On-Boarding module which orients them in the processes & benefits of our platform. This is followed by checking their subject presidencies which help us create a profile & grading of tutors to match them better with the parent’s requirements. Regular skills development workshops are conducted for the tutors to improve their skills & abilities. Tutors also use a tool called Benchmark Test which is taken be the student during a demo class. This test helps them understand the child’s current academic level and helps in chalking out a detailed customized study plan relevant to the child’s learning needs.

In your opinion, how does the education sector and industry ensure that new protocols, procedures and training are delivered more uniformly?

Training the tutors is a key factor, which is many a times ignored by many companies. We conduct regular orientation and skills development workshops to ensure that the tutors are up-to-date.

In your opinion, how does industry work with education organizations to ensure that the training provided ensures competency?

Many government & established institutes have specially designed courses for people interested in tutoring. Most focus on a specialized course and hence, majority of the curriculum covers subject knowledge, as compared to skills development. Some skills based courses / workshops are also available, though most tutors many not be keen to spend a lot of money on such courses. This is where technology can help reduce the cost and increase the reach. Data based learning with help organizations evaluate the impact of the training on each individual, and thereby help them make necessary corrections and automation to the program.

What measurements need to be taken to prove not only knowledge but skills have been mastered?

There are special tests designed which helps ascertain the learning of skills. Regular assessments based on application oriented questions, quizzes and projects help measure the performance improvements over a period of time to ensure progress.

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