A Book Chapter Comes Alive: Major Ahluwalia’s Visit to Kendriya Vidyalaya AAI Rangpuri Leaves Students Inspired


  • Major Ahluwalia meets 110 students of Kendriya Vidalaya  AAI Rangpuri for an inspiring and educational session.
  • He shared his life-experience with students of 8th to 11th standard and the school staff
  • Students gifted greeting cards and portrait sketches to Major Ahluwalia

How many times it has happened that you end-up meeting an inspiring icon about whom you have read in your school books? When it happens, the experience is surreal. And so was it for the students of Kendriya Vidalaya  AAI Rangpuri ,  when the living legend, mountaineer and war hero Major Ahluwalia went to meet the students of standard 8 to 11. Having read about the exceptional life story and struggle of the iconic person in their 8th standard English book, the students were really excited to meet him in person.


Major Ahluwalia, who is a war hero, has scaled Mount Everest, and is a spinal cord injury survivor, is the Chairman of Indian Spinal Injuries Centre. He visited the school on September 15, 2017, upon the invitation of Mr. P.P.Yadav, the school principal. “Mr. P.P.Yadav had invited me as he thought that my presence will foster positive and inspiring thoughts in the minds of children. However, the experiences of meeting these children and the love they have showered on me have been overwhelming and have strengthened my resolve even further to push for the cause I have been working on. I thank the school for the invitation and warm welcome and wish the school, the staff, and the wonderful kids all best for life”, Major Ahluwalia said.

Around 110 children gathered in a classroom to meet Major Ahluwalia. The school teaching staff also did not want to miss the opportunity to meet him in person and took out time to greet him in person.  Mr. Ahluwalia was duly felicitated on the occasion by Principal and students of the school. Following which an interactive session was planned where Mr. Ahluwalia addressed the students and emphasized on the importance of never giving up in life. He also stressed on avoiding spinal injuries and shared his experience with the students. The whole room was still as Mr. Ahluwalia spoke of the challenges in his life and how he overcame them. After he addressed the students, the children curiously asked him several questions which he happily and patiently answered. He was very happy to receive the beautiful greeting cards and portraits the children had created to gift him. He happily signed autographs for the children.

“We are very thankful to Major Ahluwalia and ISIC, that he made himself available meet our students. A close meeting with such an inspirational figure happens rarely and such sessions have a very positive impact on the minds of children. The students were of course overjoyed, and the teachers learned more about the work ISIC is doing in rehabilitating spinal cord injury survivors and by running preventing campaigns. Their efforts are indeed inspiring and as educators motivate us that we try our best in shaping the future of India, the students, to be the likes of Major Ahluwalia”, Said Mr. Yadav. 

Organizing such sessions in schools plays a significant role in child’s upbringing. Meeting statesmen and key iconic figures face-to-face is an inspiring experience and forms a lasting memory in a child’s mind. It also inspires children to focus with sincere efforts and realize their potential. Unfortunately, in India this necessarily does not happen in most schools. However, it was indeed a fortunate event for the students of 8th to 11th standard of Kendra Vidyalaya AAI, Rangpuri who will treasure this memory for life.

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