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Most comprehensive, global corporate learning offering provides maximum choice of curated books and modalities for diverse, modern learners

Skillsoft, the global leader in corporate learning, today announced a significant expansion of the industry’s most comprehensive library of integrated books content. Skillsoft now works with more than 230 global publishers to offer over 40,000 best-selling digital and audiobook titles that enable today’s learners to achieve their fullest potential. With comprehensive coverage including IT, software development, web design, professional effectiveness, leadership and digital skills, the library includes the largest collection of audiobooks of any corporate learning company in the world. The company delivers these digital books and courses via personalized learning paths across 450 curated channels through Percipio, Skillsoft’s new cloud-based, state-of-the-art learning platform.

A recent study of more than 2,000 Skillsoft users reveals that books remain vital resources for today’s learners. Despite a perceived preference for video in today’s digitally driven society, 80 percent of the survey’s respondents across all age ranges declared that books are an important part of their learning experiences. In fact, 85 percent of IT learners and 74 percent of business learners said they use books to develop new skills, with one-third relying on books as their principal learning resource.

“Today’s modern learners demand integrated content experiences that fit their preferred learning styles and their busy lives. This means having books in an array of modalities, including digital and audiobooks and allowing users to search over 450,000 authoritative content chapters,” said Bill Donoghue, chairman and CEO of the Skillsoft group. “Our commitment to the best, most accessible multi-modal learning content ensures that we continue to lead the industry while guiding learners to the next phase of their careers.”

The research also highlights the fact that information technology workers, such as developers and engineers, value books when outcomes like certifications or licensing matter. Books are highly regarded as foundational support for specific careers like IT and are often coupled with hands-on labs, questionnaires and video-based learning, all of which Skillsoft delivers through its learning platform.

The explosion of technology and ubiquity of devices has transformed the way people access books, particularly in the case of audiobooks. Modern professionals have less time for learning yet have the same passion for continuous learning. Audiobooks address this need and enable access to on-the-go training at any time, on nearly any device. Skillsoft has observed that over 80 percent of all content consumed through its mobile app are digital and audiobooks, which underscores the mobility of the learning experience. Skillsoft offers more audiobooks for professional learning than any other online learning platform provider. The company currently offers more than 1,000 audiobooks carefully aligned with hundreds of learning channels.

In addition to allowing users to read, watch and listen to content, the recently-launched Percipio platform is specifically developed to elevate the learning experience, and engage modern and multi-generational learners across entire organizations. The platform’s simple, intuitive design features easy-to-use elastic search functionality and highly visual dashboards.

Percipio delivers market-leading content with more than 450 channels developed by curating more than 50,000 competencies that have been mapped out by experts and aligned to skills valued by leading organizations. As part of the newest content introduced on Percipio, there are 17 Digital Skills books across seven topical areas, including Windows 10, iPad, iPhone, Access 2013, SharePoint 2013, SLR Photography and Scrivener.

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