Online Learning – A Game Changer

For many years numerous organizations have benefited their employees with training classes and workshops mentored by the seniors who are knowledge and experienced equipped. But these classes have some barriers like time, place and accessibility for any number of times.


Today, with the advancement of technology in every sphere of life, many organizations have moved towards the online training platform providing their employees benefits of anytime, anywhere. Here are few trends why online training mentoring has come as a game changer in the knowledge bag of employees.

1. Microlearning libraries

With the growing competition and speedy information flow, every employee needs information to be delivered fast and proficiently. Making multiple devices accessed microlearning online training libraries one of the biggest corporate eLearning trends. The concept of what, when and how has been easily answered by these libraries, where employees get numerous opportunities to learn. Many corporations are now using microlearning online training archives recorded as an on moment online training resource. Here employees have the power to overcome workplace challenges instantly, rather than waiting for the next training session to remedy the gap.

2. Tutoring/Mentoring

Workshops and mentorship, has been always the part of the growing organizations for many years. But with the adaption of technology every tutoring culture is been moving towards online platforms. Mentoring benefits all parties involved. While learners can learn from the insights of more experienced employees, mentors improve knowledge retention and strengthen key skills as they put their knowledge base into practice. However, one must create communication guidelines that clearly states expectations and roles. Everyone should be aware of overall learning objectives beforehand and the online resources present to get the most from the online training program.

3. Interactive Design Style

To enhance their skills and upgrading their knowledge young employees always look for resources that are mobile friendly. Accessible to any modern device anytime anywhere, Interactive design style benefits organizations to develop and deploy online training. Organization that incorporate online training content can create a master version of their programme that adjusts to fit any screen size or resolution. Thus, every employee accessing the same benefits from the online training activities, modules, and assessments.

4. Personalized Online Training

There are number of ways learners can take in and incorporate the information they need. While some employees to jolt it down and keep it handy, other just want to listen to retain the information. Identifying learning preferences takes time and careful research. However, if researched properly one can provide personalized training class for the staff. These personalized tutoring not only provide clickable course catalogs to pick and choose but also caters to specific performance gaps and experience levels.

5. Webinar Tutorials

Today, webinar based tutorials are quite popular, with number of organizations using them interactive and innovative ways. Having training boot camps can rapidly upgrade employee’s interest and simultaneously engage them with online training webinars that feature guest speakers, games, and online discussions. It is always advisable for the mentors to ready beforehand with all the key points, and exact concept to reduce cognitive overburden. These live events need to be topic-centered and recorded for the later viewing. Further, inviting employee feedback will improve the hosting strategy for future online training webinars. Last, but not least, tag your events with social media hashtags and pages to persuade employees to share their thoughts and ideas.

In the world of technology advancement, everything is in stage of constant change and evolving, though these corporate elearning trends are here to stay. The topics mentioned will not just improves the understanding and efficiency of your corporate eLearning content but will also help employees to get in time online training to facilitating with real-world application.

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