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Teaching Students Without Negativity

“By threatening and punishing your children, you may get them to do their homework and pass exams. But to make them succeed in life, you must lead them with positivity.”

                                           – Shamshir Rai Luthra

As school re-opens after the holidays, schoolteachers gear up for another high-energy term. For the schoolteachers, school principal and the administration, it’s like the beginning of a new adventure, where they get ready to handle unforeseen issues, and challenge the unexpected.

Teaching Students Without Negativity

Teaching Students Without Negativity

On June 30, 17 a Mindfulness Session was conducted for schoolteachers on ‘Zero Tolerance To Negativity’ by Author-Teacher Shamshir Rai Luthra at Mata Gujri Public School, New Delhi on the special request of the Principal, Mrs. Daljeet Kaur Bhandari.

This session was conducted for all the teachers of Primary, Secondary and Senior School. The underlying objective was to inspire teachers to become enlightened leaders who will in turn find creative ways to motivate their students to attend school and learn their subjects with enthusiasm.

The teachers listened very eagerly, and put forth their perspectives and questions. The session was interactive where both the Principal as well as the Board Director, Mr. Jagdeep Singh Bhuman, shared ideas and views. The teachers left with positive energy and a fresh perspective.

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