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Charu Gupta, has varied experience in space creation and decoration. Travelled all over the world allowing herself the widest exposure to the newest trends and styles.


 Her regular participation in national and international, seminars, workshops and interaction with reputed international designers have helped her to enhance her skills and give better results to the clients. Armed with these attributes she launched INTERIOR MEDINI in 2006. She is a keen artist and resides in New Delhi, India.

 Charu Gupta in an interaction with Education

 Can you talk a bit about the benefits of having an internship while in school? 

It’s a priceless practical experience of the real world which helps one discover their interests that no books or classes can explain. It helps one prepare in choosing their college and career for their personal and professional growth and let them decide whether the field they want is suitable for them or not.

  • With that said, what are the characteristics or qualities that make a successful industrial designer?

The most essential are the knowledge, practicality, and feasibility along with the right implementation. These are important for a successful designer. Besides this, the designer should understand the client’s need by listening patiently to them.

  • What’s driving the designers to pursue business skills these days?

The fierce competition in the global market has made it essential for most designers to develop these skills. The online market is also making it mandatory to do so.

  • What are those things which make you proud of your students?

Once, the students go in the market, they will have a fair knowledge of Interior decoration. The short course will help them decide their career in the field of Interior Designing and Decoration.

  • Our country is in a profound transition and the development of education society is related closely to that of society and times. So what should universities change and what should not?

They require focusing on the practical learning experience and inculcating moral principles among students. Universities should focus on transforming them into good professionals with great skills and strong strength over the subject matter.

  • Under new situations and challenges, what relationships should universities pay more attention to in the process of innovative development?

They should introduce practical training and internships along with e-learning and e-commerce.

  • Do you think eLearning can help in educational progress in a vast country like India? Does Institut De Medini use it?

E-learning is essential for students in a progressive country like ours and especially for students who cannot access universities due to various reasons. Yes! We do have plans to introduce it in the future.

  • What support do you plan for the government’s skill development initiative?

With theoretical and practical knowledge of Interiors, students can procure jobs, become freelancers or assistants in the rapidly growing property market. A basic module can be created for the skill development initiatives where the students will get an experience of the vast opportunities Interior Designing and Decoration offers, like drafting, landscape, Vastu, Carpentry etc. Thus, enabling them to choose their desired field.

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