Courseplay, a Platform Providing more than an Ed-tech or E-learning Solutions

Launched in July 2015, Courseplay is the brainchild of Arjun Gupta. His vision was to make skill development and training accessible to everyone. The platform is more than an ed-tech or e-learning solution for organizations. Through its Learning Management System and content, Courseplay helps small, medium and large companies to bring down their cost of training and multiply the training capacity with a few clicks of a button.

Arjun Gupta, in conversation with Education Technology…

Technology and analytics, how will it benefit the Education sector

Education and technology have had a bitter-sweet relationship over the past decade. The initial hype 10 years ago was with the use of state-of-the-art hardware and software products to deliver an immersive learning experience. This proved to be a very expensive proposition, and in the last 5 years, the trend has shifted towards what I like to call “Lean Technology”. Using low cost and easy-to-implement technology to bring the TCO (total cost of ownership) down and the ROI (return on investment) up.

How Courseplay is helping build a strategy for data collection from various sources and helping build patterns & trends for improvised Business interventions

Education technology today is all about doing more with less. We’re focusing on a browser or mobile app solution on existing hardware and software infrastructures. We’re looking at authenticating users more effectively with the sensors that are already on most smartphones. With the technological advancements we have in place today, content in the form of videos, SCORM, slideshows and even VR can be delivered without requiring any additional hardware or software. We’re also using the same approach to make learning more engaging. Chatbot support for your existing chat apps, intelligent email reminders, leaderboard, discussions, announcements are all possible using the same principle of Lean Technology.

How Courseplay analytics market is helping in segmentation

When you talk about analytics, that’s particularly exciting for us. Cloud based platforms like Courseplay are able to run detailed analytics on training programs to give helpful statistics like what percentage of users performed a specific interaction. Reminders can be sent to users that are lagging behind, and motivation boosters can be sent to those that are performing exceptionally well. The future is in what we call LPA (Learning Process Automation) where we use machine learning algorithms to do things like automatically recommend your next course or help you understand where you’re weak so you can improve effectively.

How do you see Data scientist and their big bet on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning?

At Courseplay, we use data to share insights with our clients about which training programs are more successful and will yield a higher ROI, versus which programs are missing the mark. My using machine learning algorithms, we’re also providing insights to clients about which users might be guessing more answers in their tests, versus which users are answering with more certainty. These are two very simple examples where we provide insights to clients that will allow them to make improvements in the learning programs.

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