Tech and Analytics Offer the Best of Both Worlds to Students

Manak Gulati is an Entrepreneur and the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Notesgen. At Notesgen he brings his expertise in the spheres of entrepreneurship, engineering, research that leads the company’s endeavor to disrupt the unstructured education process.

Technology and analytics, how will it benefit the Education sector?

Technology made its foray into the Indian education sector in the form of revolutionary smart classes.But the innovative concept has largely remained inaccessibleto a widersection of students. With the latest entrant ofanalyticsalong with platform-based learning, however, the development is on the verge of altering the way knowledgeis imparted and perceived across the globe.

Tech and analytics offer the best of both worlds to students. On one hand, they are benefitted by state-of-the-art learning methodologies. On the other, it enables them to achieve optimum results by leveraging the right pedagogical training through personalisation of content. The confluence of the two offers greater visibilityin terms of choice and preference of the student and helps in extending the relevant contentto the student – for which he or she might earlier had to search extensively. It has, moreover, paved the way for students to connect with their classmates or like-minded students and learn collaboratively without using hundreds of different channels. This saves the precious time of students and offers them a network and tool that is academically focussed and easy to use.

How Notesgen is helping build a strategy for data collection from various sources and helping build patterns & trends for improvised Business interventions?

At Notesgen, we collect data from various data sources including user-generated forums and ask relevant questions to curate a customised list for students. We also tap user footprints to better understand their requirements and take into account historic data to further refine the overall results. This, on one hand, creates a vast data repository to exact the broad academic requirements of the user. On the other, it enables us to extend an unsurpassed user experience with unmatched precision. The PIN feature allows students to express their requirements and let other users interact on the respective request by the PIN requester, and then upload the required notes.

How Notesgen analytics market is helping in segmentation?

We are using our technologies to help students curate and consume contextually relevant content.This solves the content discovery problem for every student with diverse academic requirements,individually and in real-time.

How do you see Data scientist and their big bet on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning?

Data Scientists, today, have acquired a prominent position in the technological landscape. We are living in the age of information where data, might it be user- or market-orientedor relating to internal business functions, is the most valuable element. And considering the volume, velocity, and variety of data that is being constantly generated, it is highly unlikely for any human to match up with the exponentially increasing volumes of data. This naturally makes AI and Machine Learningthe next viable junction for society and businesses in general.

We are also planning to integrate AI and ML into Notesgen because eventually the app has to learn from the user’s in-app usage and then evolve to curate content which is relevant to the user.

Latest developments in India in terms of technology?

Artificial Intelligence is going to lead the next big wave for technologyand will bring massive disruptions along with it. Take mobile applications as an example. One can map every click by a useron the application and generate contextually relevant data. The returned data – based on a user’s personal preferences and behaviour pattern will decide whether or not the user will stick with the application. AI makes the entire process completely seamless and generatesthe most favourable outcomes. Similarly, AI is being applied for wide-ranging use-cases across industries.

How analytics solutions can help in providing affordable solutions?

According to me, a startup should not completely rely on a third-party analytics solutions. This is because analytics solutions will only provide you in-depth knowledge on the data that is sent from the product’s database to the vendor. The tricky part is that a startup cannot send all data, neither all of the information pertaining to its customers. This will inevitably create information gaps in the insights received which will further increase the scope of error. That’s precisely why a startup should focus on developing and leveraging its in-house analytics.

For instance, Notesgen has around 65 thousand notes. But some softwares only helps us to analyse a part of our notes and thereby limiting the overall visibility of content. Therefore we built our own analytics to bring forward our remaining notes, get them accessed by our users, and then send it to the third-party analytics. Third-party analytics can only analyse data that is accessed by users of a particular product. The job of the product is to bring the lost/hidden data to the fore and pass it on to the third-party analytics platforms.

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