Teaching at NIS: Creating a New kind of Learner

One goal of teaching is to impart values by creating an atmosphere of warmth, confidence, support, and hope. – Célestin Freinet

The teaching that we impart to our students at Nahar International School is relevant to the world they live in. Study becomes a part of life. It ceases to be boring or disconnected and begins to take on real-life implications. The objective of our teaching is to encourage students to think for themselves; observe, analyse, and discover truth without relying on others’ opinions.


The first aspect of the teaching methodology, the teachers, guide the learning process at Nahar International School. Being student centric and holistic in their approach, they are keenly attuned to the development of the children’s minds thus constantly recognising the kind of guidance they need at each particular stage. Teachers ensure that the learning that students receive isrelatable and connected to the realm of their daily lives.Hence, when children learn measurements, they might lie down to mark the extent of their own height and walk the length to see how many ‘feet’ their height is. Or, a teacher teaching prepositions in English might bring these into their daily routine by wrapping up the day with a list of instructions that include checking ‘over the table, under the table and then into the bag’ not only ensuring that children will physically see the usage of prepositions but also making sure that these children will forever retain a life lesson in taking care of belongings.

Another aspect of teaching is that of learning through experience. Experiential learning at NIS begins from Pre-primary, where teachers trot the kids to the local market in order that they get to know their fruits or vegetables, or take them on a simple bus trip in the neighbourhood to experience different aspects of a particular day. This makes them discover more about the world they are surrounded by. At Primaryand Middle Schoollevel, students are made to delve deeper into understanding the world around them – teachers take them on Mumbai Darshan trips as well as longer trips out of town, creating awareness about various aspects of travelling and discovering interesting information. Apart from curriculum-based learning, they are encouraged to be independent, comfortable being alone, and, at the same time learn and understand the dynamics between people and the importance of forming healthy relationships. Thehigh school andIB students at NIS reach out to the world. Their out-of-country trips have a huge impact on their lives, leading them to discover new landscapes, new cultures, and in the process a new way of looking at themselves.

The students of NIS participate in rigorous yet fun sports activities throughout the year, right from pre-primary, beginning from an attitude of self-competition in younger classes to team building sports in higher classes. Teachers ensure that students undergo the discipline of training, learning teamwork, following the leadership of coaches and captains as well as learning to lose.

Students here also participate in extracurricular activities of their choice. Teachers make efforts to arouse their interest in varied activities such as entrepreneurial, photography, dance, music, robotics, animation clubs and many more. Teachers expend much creativity towards developingstudents’ skills and sharpening their faculties apart from academics. Such activities make children learn the important life skills of goal setting and time-management, combined with enjoyment, the development of a strong sense of morality, and the development of an appreciation of diversity.

Students are motivated through events such as Science fests, Art Days, Theatre workshops, assemblies based on festive and national days of celebration as well as issues of social and global significance, and days where they bond with parents or grandparents through school activities and events.

The students of today must go on to become deep-rooted, value based leaders of tomorrow with the right attitude. Their years in school must train them to venture out of their comfort zone, again and again. NIS strives to be a school that is devoted to the cause of empowering education.The aim is to raise global learners:NIS World leaders, who exude compassion, curiosity, reverence, and empathy.

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