Empathy and Inclination towards Creativity is Imperative in the Design

Says, Asst. Prof. Harshit Desai, Head of Industry Relation at MIT Institute of Design in an email interaction with Ekta Srivastava, Education Technology…

We would like to know the journey of MIT, from inception till date.

MAEER’s MIT Institute of Design started its operations in August 2006. The institute holds decade of excellence in design education, practice and research. MIT ID is committed to contribute to the design ecosystem and enhance the quality of academics in coming years. One of the important steps in this direction is MIT ID becoming a part of MIT Art, Design & Technology University, under the Government of Maharashtra.

MIT ID offers Design programmes at Undergraduate (4 years) and Post Graduate (2 years) level with 1000+ students pursuing programs in Industrial, Communication & Fashion Design disciplines. And with the completion of 10years, the major achievement for us has been to create and promote a multi-disciplinary learning environment for tomorrow’s designer leaders. We have travelled a great distance having challenged the conventions, developed new pedagogical approaches and forged meaningful collaborations with diverse academic, industry, research and professional organisations.

Through our efforts, we have ensured that academics at MIT ID encourages unshackled and innovative thinking and also expose them to the real life challenges, so that they stay aligned to the business and social expectations. An able leadership and passionate faculty team drive the process and enable the learners to embrace newer paradigms in design education and help them in the journey to become responsible design professionals.

Can you talk a bit about the benefits of having an internship while in school?

Internship helps designer to acquire hands-on skills of the real world. It prepares them to handle critical projects and makes them ready for challenges in the industry. The internship period is a time to gauge how much students have learnt in class and how much of that they can apply in a real jobs scenario.

Students interact with many creative minds and have ample opportunities to fine tune their skills. Internship introduces a designer to current trends and techniques that are used in the design industry.

With that said, what are the characteristics or qualities that make a successful industrial designer?

Empathy and inclination towards creativity is imperative in the design. To be a good designer, you need more than just mastery of design skills. To understand user wants and needs, you need to empathize. You have to make decision emotionally rather than rationally. Apart from this, a great industrial designers should be a good observer and good listener.

What’s driving the designers to pursue business skills these days?

Global organizations are integrating design in their business. Design positively impacts all the functions of an organization. ‘Design Thinking’ is now being considered essential for innovation and for generating new solutions.

A designer is capable to visualize and prototype the solutions and communicate its value inside and outside the organization. All these developments make Design as a very exciting career option.

What are that things which makes you proud of your students?

The students of MIT Institute of Design have always made us proud. They are being placed to many reputed organization and doing well with the industry. Many of our students are contributing to social projects and started their own business.

Our country is in a profound transition and the development of education society is related closely to that of society and times. So what should universities change and what should not?

Universities need to focus on the holistic learning experience and equip students with overall good moral values. They should not only make students good professionals but citizen, who contribute to the society at large.

Do you think eLearning can help in educational progress in a vast country like India? Does MIT use it?

ELearning can help us to reach a large audience using advanced technology. Things can be made accessible to different part of the society to deliver quality education. Yes, we use it and we have our own learning platform for online learning.

What support do you plan for the government’s skill development initiative?

With the increase in competition at an alarming rate, finding a good job has become difficult. But with high-end training, you can get the best job in the industry. To help students pursue Skill Based Education, MIT ID is offering high quality education of various fields such as industrial design, communication design, fashion design in relation with IT, retail, automotive, etc. MIT ID is working with institutions, NGOs and other training partners for developed skilled manpower in these sectors.


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