Youth4work analyzes the representation of Education degrees in India’s young talent squad

Youth4work released its second edition of yTal India Report – insights on India’s Vital Talent scenarios, an analysis of over 1.75 lakh people who demonstrate their talents on Youth4work platform. A detailed analysis carried out on six of the most sought after IT skills cross-referenced with people’s gender and education reveals interesting scenarios.

As India is expected to be one of the most populous nations in the next decade, the population pyramid is expected to bulge towards the age brackets across 15-27. Consequently, when the nation is experiencing this ‘demographic bonus’, the youth needs direction and polishing of their skill sets.

All the stakeholders of this talent ecosystem should devise achievable plans to address the gaps in the skill development framework. The government and other partner agencies deployed for executing the skill development agenda have identified the Information Technology skills as one of the prime area of concentration. Various research and reports have underlined the fact that there has been an upswing in the development of these IT talents. Furthermore the augmentation of the job opportunities in this sector has given a new impetus to the ever-widening Indian youth to learn, practice and put into use various IT skills like Java, HTML, MySQL, ASP.NET, PHP, C++ etc.software-skills-education

Rachit Jain, CEO of Youth4work.com says, “We consider Talent as an individual’s inclination towards any productive skill that can be employed to generate income for the economy. Youth4work empowers people to self-assess and showcase their talents to the world. People take up self-assessments to show a stronger intent towards a talent and understand their relative standing w.r.t. other talented people. The insights and suggestions in this report can help to improve the relevant employability scenarios across the different education demographics.”

The analysis of youth holding different degrees who showcased an interest in scrutinizing their software skills unfolded many interesting insights to foray. The insights and inferences drawn from the analysis which considers number of people who showed intent in showcasing their software skills are:

  • People holding BE/B.Tech degree are dominating the talent pool of software skills, as 6 out of 10 youth who presented their competency in each skill factored in the study were Engineering graduates
  • The representation of the people holding non-technical degrees have come up as considerable number in each of the IT talents, especially in the basic offline coding language C++ and in the widely used programming language for website applications, PHP and ASP.NET.
  • Core Java, one of the most sought after software skill in the IT sphere had almost 70% representation from the BE/B.Tech degree holders, this shows continuous inclination showed by the IT firms to opt for engineering graduates in their mass recruitments.
  • IT companies are recruiting youth from various educational backgrounds to establish a diverse workforce, this has incentivized the non-technical graduates to learn and showcase their software skills.
  • The complexion of the education background doesn’t show much of a difference across different Information Technology talents as each of them are dominated by the Engineering graduates, B.Sc (IT) and BCA degree holders are yet to be a considerable population of the talent pool.
  • The certitude that the gender ratio is undeniably skewed towards the males is one contention that calls out for attention. The representation of females is only 1/3rd in the number of youth who showcased their talent.
  • The scope for developing non-engineering graduate’s IT talents holds India’s key for becoming a global talent pool. Bridging the gap between the quality talent in demand and the human capital supply can be done by tapping these divisions of youth.
  • A vocationally skilled IT workforce for sustainable economic growth can be effectively developed only if we use this existing demographic bonus optimally.
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