Focus Need to Move From Content Knowledge to Concept Understanding And Skill Development

Nahar International School, where the aim is to raise a generation founded on life values of Honesty, Respect, Responsibility and Citizenship and the students shall compete only with their own abilities, striving to improve their own record.

To know more on how the Institute’s ambition of  producing  Global Citizens of the 21st Century is taking place, Ekta Srivastava, Education Technology interacts  with  Vandana Arora, Principal, Nahar International School…

Please tell us something about Nahar International School. Its concept and uniqueness

At Nahar International School, we give exposure to students to grow holistically. We not only work towards cognitive excellence but also strive tocreateself aware, emotionally mature students who have an understanding of their social responsibility. We want our students to be physically fit, handle crises and be open to developing their artistic and creative side.

What are the new situations and corresponding problems Indian education systems face nowadays?

The Indian education system is preparing today’s generation to meet the future demands of the world. In education, our focus has to move from the over emphasis on content knowledge to concept understanding and skill development.But the human resources working with the young generation still works in the framework of heavy content driven curriculum. There is a mind shift change needed in both the parents as well as the teachers.

Under new situations and challenges, what relationships should schools pay more attention to in the process of innovative development?

In the present day scenario, schools have to work hard to develop better teacher training modules and parent development workshops as these will help to reduce the gap between the need of the young generation and the understanding of the adults.

Do you think India has adequate technology usage and its adoption in the education sector? What more can be done in your opinion?

Especially in the case of education sector, technology has been very useful and has been adopted seamlessly. If teachers were made aware of effective methods of technology usage, there would be further wise and balanced interspersing of technology in the learning process. This must be done keeping in mind the social emotional needs of various age groups.

The transformation from classroom learning and tuitions to non-traditional online learning aids is not easy. What challenges did you face?

The word ‘transformation’ can be misleading, because what is required is an integration of these not a complete upheaval of the traditional methods. Teachers learn to incorporate online learning aids very effectively if they are trained well. Every teacher wants to make their class, and, the learning they impart, a success and is very eager to learn new ways of doing so.

What technology initiatives do you see gaining maximum ground for K-12 schools?

A lot of technological tools for lesson planning, assessments, as well as communications are being usedby the K-12 schools presently.

Technology is used more as a tool to enhance communication between students and teachers as well as parents and teachers.

Do you think eLearning can help in educational progress in a vast country like India?

If balanced well, and given at the right age with the right level of access and monitoring, e-learning can be a very helpful tool.

Before introducing e-learning, it is very important to impart the right skills of usage in both the students as well as all the adults around(teachers and parents).

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