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With the launch of Educo ERP, Konica Minolta has come up with a solution to provide education in Tier I and II cities at minimal cost and simple requirements of internet connects. Educo ERP is a user-friendly ERP solution platform where a browser can use Gmail or Yahoo accounts for using ERP. It has been designed specifically to be used in schools, colleges, institutes, universities and training centers. The solution supports multi-language with a user-friendly interface that can be used easily by anyone. V. Balakrishnan, EGM Konica Minolta India, in an interaction with Ekta Srivastava, Education Technology share the upcoming moves of Konica Minolta in making Digital India

How can one maintain balance between technology access and delivery for a genuine classroom experience?

Technology can facilitate classroom experience, if need not take away the current teacher student interaction at all. But one should know how to use the technology and up to what extent. However, as far as the classroom delivery and experience is concerned, the way pupils are being taught and what they are being taught, it is undergoing a great change.

Today, we are talking about life skills being part of the curriculum in the school, which is very critical because at the end of the day if somebody who is going through schooling must come out with some better development and contribute productively to the society. They should be able to participate actively in some commercial activity or other using the skills they have learned in schools. This, will make a way for school passed out students to start their own livelihood. It will also change the perception of people who think that university education is must to have a better life.

Technology alone cannot take away the classroom experience; it is the implementation of life skills learning in schools which is going to play a critical part, where technology can assist.

Do you think there is adequate Government support for technology initiatives in education sector?

I think it has to be done in the manner entrepreneurs convert their ideas into a sustainable business model. This is very critical for us. India has maximum population residing in remote areas which needs education. To penetrate into those areas, technology is not the only solution, in such a short span of time we need to follow the traditional method of teaching. Unless we leverage technology, to deliver the content, to be able to manage the learning process, we will never be able to achieve the 100 percent of literacy in such short span of time.

From the technology perspective there are building blocks available in the country. Today, we have the Government which is giving its commitment to people to use their skills. They know, if they want to achieve their dream of making Digital India, they have to educate major population of this country. The future of the economy will be hone by the knowledge and we do have the opportunity to do that.

India always has brilliant minds, but initially they were lured by abroad life now, they are getting opportunities here. Today these young talents are staying back, setting up their own start-ups, getting funds from government and through international circle. This, in a way is a great beginning and sign for us. So, yes I have faith that we have the ability to lead from the front. We can also develop solutions at lower costs with available resources, given the best ability and climate.

And all this can only be happen through effective policies, and most importantly, implementation of the policies and through commitment of the business community. You can’t make India digital on media critics. It can only happen if you prefer to excel at what you create and deliver and standard is also to be maintained.

How Konica Minolta plans to directly contribute to the success of Digital India through its products and solutions?

For last 12 years, Konica Minolta has developed and is continuously developing all its printing solutions and MFP’s in India. Now, with this transformation we would be soon developing and creating the products across India. Many of solutions like Educo ERP are in digital stage; they are innovative products with cutting edge technology. So, here Konica Minolta has its competence to bring years of experience, skill sets and technical know-how of the global standard to the table.

Can you please tell us some initiatives to look forward to?

Currently, we are looking at our devices as input output devices. When you look at our technology, it actually acts as converges. Anything which we are able to connect to our network can become convergence device. So, what we are working on while we expand our upfront in knowledge and business process solutions like ERP and other in the segments , we are also looking at how these can get integrated to our current platform.

The first solution, which will be integrated to our business part, will be released in later part of the year. That integration is under beta testing.

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