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Protest planned against new education policy by Centre

The Federation for Protection of Right to Education has planned to table an alternative education policy, instead of the Draft New Education Policy proposed by BJP-led Union government alleging that the draft would take the present education to the age old hereditary education system. Criticizing the policy, the group has also decided to stage a protest in Delhi on November 17, demanding withdrawal the proposed policy.education-policy

While briefing reporters at a conference here on Saturday, P B Prince Gajendra Babu, general secretary of the State Platform for Common School System, alleged that the draft was a preview for attempting to make education a commercial commodity under the World Trade Organisation. The association strongly opposed the draft and condemned the Union government’s over the policy.

“Tamil Nadu government has already opposed the draft during the Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE) meeting held recently in Delhi. The state government should be firm in its stance in opposing the draft. In order to strengthen the common school system, the federation has decided to submit an alternative education policy to the government,” he further said.

He quoted the minister for human resource and development Prakash Javadekar as saying that the ministry had not posted any copy of the draft new education policy on the ministry’s website.
“Following the widespread opposition against the draft across the country, the minister denied that the ministry had posted any draft on the ministry’s website. If the ministry has not posted any draft on their website, the minister should explain what the undated and authored letter was on the site,” he said.

To intensify the stir against the new draft policy, the association will launch a protest in Delhi on November 17. A day long demonstration has been planned where the alternative education policy would be emphasized, he said.

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