Communication Revolution Driving Edu-technology

As communication technology is becoming more reliable and faster, it is enabling the education to be available for far flung as areas as well, at a much lower cost. Innovative and  evolving communication tools could well be the chief driver for the growth of technology usage on education,  says  Dr. Devasia Kurian, Founder & CEO, *astTECS.

How is communication/ technology changing the face of Educational Institutions?

The education sector in India is witnessing a paradigm shift and technology is ushering in a new era in education. Technology, mainly communications is helping institutions, implement an open, flexible, standards-based platform that improves collaboration among students, faculty and admin staff. Availability of advanced and reliable communication system and an improved communications infrastructure is drastically reducing overhead costs for administration. Integrated telephony solutions are offering intelligent applications that enable educational institutions to extend mobility, ensure real-time communication, enable collaboration and optimize faculty/staff productivity & efficiency.

Factors driving the adoption of advance telecom solution in Educational institutions?

Several factors influence technologies that enable enhanced communications and seek to improve

performance,cost-efficiency, feature set, reliability and simplicity.A robust, customizable and scalable communication infrastructure is of prime importance for the education industry to ensure seamless collaboration, ensuring better staff – student and parent communication and real-time connectivity between teaching staff.

For institutions with large campuses and many buildings & floors, an advance telecom solution is becoming an essential tool, allowing all the stakeholders to stay connected.

What are the key advantages that the *astTECS IP PBX offers to Educational Institutions toenhance their communications experience?

*astTECS integrated telephony solution enables schools, colleges, hostels and universities to extend mobility, improve faculty and students communication, boost productivity and reduce costs by consolidating their communications services into a single platform. With features such as paging, smart phones as extensions within Wi-Fi range, web – based video conferencing & voice blasting, *astTECS IP PBX offers amazing features to enhance communication and user productivity, at minimal expense.

The key features of *astTECS IP PBX includes; intelligent call routing and IVR functionality while ensuring better staff, student and parent communication, real-time connectivity between teaching staff through Wi-Fi extensions, directory services and smart-phone integration, announcements through voice blast & paging, multi-party audio and video conferencing, emergency alerts, appointment scheduling / reminders amongst many others.

For students, the IP PBX offers a complete call management suite that includes: time based calling slots, inbound and out bound calling and call duration control, black list; white list, user id and password based calling (hot desking), prepaid & post-paid based calling and complete billing.

Apart from cost of implementation, what are the other benefits to Educational Institutions  of having an Open Source IP PBX ?

Open source IP PBX solution provides educational institutions with the most advance technology, based on open standards-based architecture to help teachers & students at schools and universities communicate effectively. Open source IP PBX solutions help minimize expenses and educational institutions can make significant savings on licensing and maintenance fees. The fundamental advantage of Open-Source IP PBX is that, it offers both classical PBX functionality & advanced features and interoperates with traditional standards-based telephony systems and Voice over IP systems.

Open Source IP PBX offers a number of customizable, distinct and enduring benefits that can help optimize staff efficiency, offering convenient access to information and services in real-time, ensuring prompt action and personalized attention.

What are the emerging trends in vertical specific telecom solutions?

The vertical specific telephony solution continues to be at the epicentre for growth, innovation, and disruption for virtually all the industry verticals. Solutions available today, can be customized to suit any vertical thatinclude: BFSI, ITES, Manufacturing, Retail, Hospitals & Hospitality and Education, to deliver consistent, high-quality, multichannel customer experiences. A vertical – specific solution helps customers deliver personalized, collaborative experiences, increase productivity and profitability, while reducing high cost, complexity, and risk. These solutions are designed to simplify communications and help businesses improve customer experience, increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, at the same time ensures smooth & efficient management of operations.

Addressing this emerging trends, Asterisk is at the forefront of successful enterprise class deployment, creating enterprise applications in a highly cost effective manner and boasts full range of features, capabilities and functionality to support a variety of needs. Free from vendor lock-in, both in terms of the management consoles and scalability, Asterisk deployment delivers amazing flexibility and advantages across all industry verticals.

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