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Learn People Management, Finance, Big Data Analysis and Marketing Analytics with edX!

How can one motivate people who reports to them? Why is finance everywhere and how does it affects all of us? How to use parallel programming to explore data sets? How to analyze and structure markets? Find out answers to these questions with the following exciting and upcoming courses on edX.

Introduction to People Management –

Learn to be a better manager by developing leadership and communication skills designed to turn first time managers into great team leaders.Learn-with-edX

The objective of this business and management course by IIMBx is to smoothen the transition for newly appointed people managers, motivate and guide people who are aspiring to become one and to think back and reflect for seasoned managers.

The course will provide learners with an enhanced understanding of the role of people management in organizational context.

Finance for Everyone: Smart Tools for Decision-Making –

In this introduction to finance course from MichiganX, learners will learn to apply frameworks and smart tools for understanding and making every day financial decisions.

They will be able to value the impact of different choices available to them: from renting or buying, evaluating car, home and student loans, or deciding whether to go to college versus pursuing a new idea to simply understanding how the financial world works.

Big Data Analysis with Apache Spark – 

This statistics and data analysis course will attempt to articulate the expected output of data scientists and then teach students how to use PySpark (part of Spark) to deliver against these expectations. The course assignments include log mining, textual entity recognition, and collaborative filtering exercises that teach students how to manipulate data sets using parallel processing with PySpark.
This course by UC BerkeleyX covers advanced undergraduate-level material. It requires a programming background and experience with Python (or the ability to learn it quickly). All exercises will use PySpark (the Python API for Spark), and previous experience with Spark equivalent to Introduction to Apache Spark, is required.

Marketing Analytics: Competitive Analysis and Market Segmentation – 

In this marketing course by UC BerkeleyX, learners will learn about competitive analysis and market segmentation, including how to analyze and structure industries and markets to transform their marketing efforts from vague, generic attempts to laser-guided precision.

They will learn how to predict what your competitors will do next, plus how to segment markets for greater customer satisfaction and company profitability.

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