ICT in Education -Taking It a Notch Higher

The trends in the Indian education scenario certainly show up a clear preference for technology in  the education industry, for administration, instruction as well as communication. With the android and I apps, and the smart phone fast becoming ubiquitous as well as more affordable, an increasing number of students in the country are gaining access to education aids through technology. A tech-savvy younger and really young generation – iPad, ePad, Android Enabled Phones, Touch Pads and Smart Phones rule the roost, especially in urban areas. No wonder then that a recent University report indicates the number of mobile users to touch 160 million by the end of this year. Tablet PCs, now available for as low as Rs. 3500, are making technology in education affordable for everybody.ict-in-education

Being the second most populous country with one of the youngest populations in the world, has its pros and cons. While it makes us potentially most productive, it also means higher demand for youth related investments like education.

At the point, the education system in India is highly inadequate to meet the needs of the current population. With over 20 million students in India, in 36000 schools, we are the largest education system in the world right now. But with our population slated to touch 1.5 billion in the next 5 years, we need to double the education capacity in the country. Going by experience of the government initiatives and education planning, this seems a very tall order. To make matters tougher, according to reports, this will need an addition USD 200 million. Given the regulations, procedures and bureaucracy, the entry of private enterprise in the education space is difficult as well.

As with most other industries, technology is coming to the rescue of education as well, to ensure the supply inches closer to demand or at least, transforms into a sustainable enterprise that caters to the growing education needs of young India.


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