Microsoft unveils cloud solution for education sector

Edu-Cloud is expected to reach 10 lakh teachers and 60 lakh students in over 1,500 institutes in  next 18 months.

Microsoft India on launched Edu-Cloud — a K-12 cloud computing Microsoftsolution that facilitates digital learning and teaching for educational institutions on Microsoft’s Cloud Platform.

Edu-cloud is going to provide ERP, SIS solutions and digital library access to schools and at the same time will offer virtual learning platform and teacher training aimed at students and teachers. This will be done by a system preloaded in a Lenovo tab serving as a point of access for all digitised content and Microsoft’s other software offerings such as Office 365 and Evernote.

Edu-Cloud is expected to reach 60 lakh students and 10 lakh teachers in over 1500 institutions in the next 18 months as told by Bhaskar Pramanik, chairman of Microsoft India.
The company announced that Sri Chaitanya Schools — an institution with a pan-Indian network — will adopt the Edu-Cloud for its teachers and students in 80 schools.

As a part of the adoption, teachers and students of Sri Chaitanya will use 14,000 Windows-powered tablets to access relevant content from Microsoft cloud to make learning and teaching more engaging, Microsoft said.

“Today’s students are digital natives. With the help of cloud computing, they create, deliver and manage content from any device, anywhere, anytime making learning easy and fun. I am delighted that Sri Chaitanya Schools have decided to create digital classrooms, powered by Microsoft cloud, across their 80 schools,” Bhaskar Pramanik, chairman, Microsoft India, said in a statement.

Commenting on the adoption of digital learning tools, B S Rao, founder of Sri Chaitanya Schools, said digital experiences would help better prepare their students with 21st century skills.

“Microsoft’s Edu-Cloud infrastructure is the best-in-class and we are proud to have our teachers and students use it to enhance their digital learning and teaching,” Rao added.

With Edu-Cloud, students of Sri Chaitanya Schools will obtain access to digital content and free access to Office 365 from Microsoft on their Windows-powered tablets.

In addition, students and teachers will also get access to eDvelop, a learning management solution from Mobiliya, a Microsoft partner.

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